Theological Thoughts with Pastor Kenny

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Is Your Bridge Stuck?!

By Kenny Vinston | November 21, 2021

Is Your Bridge Stuck?!       If I asked you, “what is your biggest obstacle/roadblock to making Jesus famous- what keeps you from fulfilling the Great Commission that Jesus gave not only to his 1st disciples but to you/me/us right here- right now today?  What is hindering the church from exploding in Kingdom growth?  Would you answer with Satan and his dominion (he is indeed our biggest foe/ but not an obstacle/ roadblock)? Would you say a sin-soaked world- yes, this fallen world presents us with bumps/ potholes in the road BUT it is not our obstacles roadblocks! What would you say if  if I told you the answer to my question this morning is- YOU/ ME/ US- we are our most significant obstacle to making Jesus famous and we need to get over ourselves? However, here is the quandary- WE CAN’T apart from finding contentment and satisfaction in the gracious acting of God in the finished work of Jesus- because joy is the bridge that we […]

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